When some content is uploaded to a shared website hosting account or downloaded using it, some traffic is produced and this is a component that every single hosting package comes with. It's also among the characteristics you need to check out, since how much traffic allowance you'll need will depend on the things you need the account for. The website traffic is mainly produced by downloads and this includes website visits. Essentially, every time someone goes to your site, the pages are downloaded from the server on his or her computer system and they're afterwards shown by their web browser. It's also important to know that uploads matter as well, so that whenever you duplicate large files from your computer to the server, some website traffic is generated too. Different providers can have different names for this specific feature, for example traffic, bandwidth, data transfer, still all of them refer to the same thing - the exact amount of incoming and outgoing info created for a period of time.

Monthly Traffic in Shared Website Hosting

The monthly website traffic allowance for all our shared website hosting packages is enough for any kind of site. If you have a personal blog, a discussion board or an e-commerce portal, the amount of data will be transferred to and from your account or hitting some low quota limit won't be a cause for your sites to be unavailable. In addition, we generate detailed web site traffic info, which means that you'll have the option to observe what amount of content is being downloaded all of the time. The hourly, daily and monthly statistics will give you an idea how the web sites do, what kind of files generate most of the site traffic and much more helpful details that can help you control the sites along with the account as a whole. The stats can be accessed with just a few mouse-clicks from the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel.

Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our semi-dedicated server packages are designed to host multiple resource-hungry sites as they come with a large amount of computing power. Such websites constantly generate a lot of site traffic and that's why we have made the decision not to limit this characteristic. When you have a semi-dedicated server, you'll be able to have as many visitors as you are able to get without having to worry that you may hit some restriction for the traffic they will generate. To save you time, you will be able to keep track of what's going on in your account as we'll provide hourly, daily and monthly statistics for the website traffic your web sites produce. Which means that, you will be informed on how they operate at any time. You'll even be able to observe which web page or file has produced most of the traffic for each and every web site hosted in your semi-dedicated server account.

Monthly Traffic in VPS

All of the Linux VPS that we offer have a monthly traffic allowance proportional to the system resources they come with. The more hdd space and computing power a server offers, the more probable it is you will host more sites on it, therefore the traffic you are able to increases with every plan. In case you need extra traffic at some point, you'll be able to improve the plan from your billing Control Panel with no more than a couple of clicks and the additional system resources, including the larger traffic allowance, will be added to your current account. You'll also be able to view how much information has been transferred to and from your virtual server any time. To be on the safe side, we'll update you as early as you reach 90% of the allowance so as to give you enough time to take action and lower the site traffic or update the plan if needed. Through your control panel, you will be able to see the traffic statistics for each individual domain or subdomain in your VPS account.

Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Hosting

The monthly traffic allowance that is featured with our dedicated server plans is more than enough for any type of web site regardless of its type. Your web applications can produce terabytes of traffic, which guarantees that your site visitors will never see any sort of error message on your website as a consequence of limited quota like it may happen with many other types of web hosting. Also, we leave the option to upgrade your website traffic amount open, yet it's highly unlikely that you'll ever need it even if you would like to manage a file sharing web site or a video streaming portal. The server administration Control Panel gives you accurate live information what amount of data has been transmitted for the month so far, and how much is left before you reach the cap. We'll also alert you any time you reach 90% of the allowance so as to be on the safe side and prevent any downtime of your websites. The data in this panel contains the whole traffic, plus software downloads, so it is more precise than the one in your current hosting Control Panel where you'll be able to see details only about the traffic generated by web content.