The ultimate speeds for your personal sites in the US, Canada as well as Latin America

For everybody who is operating multi–media web sites aimed chiefly at visitors who reside in the USA, Canada or even Latin America, then check out our datacenter in USA, which offers perfect virtual hosting conditions for you.

The datacenter in USA features a key location in downtown Chicago and serves a lot of the largest telecommunication providers in the US. Together with total redundancy in network connectivity and power, the facility supplies a superb hosting environment for your resource–demanding web sites and web apps.

To utilize the datacenter in USA, merely select it on the sign up form along with the Linux VPS that you like. Our admins are going to deploy the server for you for free and they will also set up an Operating System that you pick. Additionally, they’ll carry out once–a–week offsite backups of your respective VPS and will guarantee a 99.9% network uptime.

Other US Hosting Services

Our Virtual Private Servers are not the sole hosting service featured in our datacenter in USA. There you’ll also find Linux shared website hosting plans, semi–dedicated servers and dedicated servers.

The USA Shared Website Hosting solution is actually a very good option for any private website, portfolio site and reasonably popular e–store. Our Linux shared website hosting offers have a 99.9% server uptime guarantee, a 100% free domain name registration along with the 100% free Control Panel.

Our USA Linux Semi-dedicated Servers were designed for people who require anything more powerful in comparison to Linux shared website hosting account, but don’t desire to deal with any sort of server administration responsibilities. Our semi–dedicated servers come along with large CPU usage and MySQL database space quotas, making them perfect for CPU–intensive websites.

The USA Linux Dedicated Hosting Servers are the ultimate web hosting service. Along with a server at your command, you’ll be able to host any kind of web site or web application, from a emailing script for your email promotions to the company site with a great number of regular monthly visits. The dedicated servers are secured by a 99.9% network uptime guarantee along with a 24/7 technical support service.